Better off Red

In preparing to entertain goons, it is imperative to have enough hooch on hand.  I shop strategically so that I am stocked up on a mix of reasonably priced wines to quench both the highly refined and non-discerning palates.

One of our beloved goons has been known to wash his food down with *several* bottles of wine.  He drinks it down his gullet it like Welsh’s grape juice.  I cannot stress the importance of being prepared for such a scenario.  We recently witnessed him drink another couple out of house and home, which included several expensive “keeper” bottles, some of which were wedding gifts.  We have learned from experience that it’s best to decant the cheap stuff, and tell him that it’s a Chateauneuf du Pape.  A true goon would be happy drinking sawdust, and would not know the difference.

Here are my top three recent goon-approved red wine purchases from Trader Joe’s.  These are slightly more expensive than “2 Buck Chuck”, but surprisingly drinkable.  Stock up on a case (or 2)!

$5.99 Bordeaux and $4.99 Nero d'Avola

$10.99 - Trader Joe's 2008 Reserve Cab


3 responses to “Better off Red

  1. Original Goon

    All goon’s are not alike. Some goon’s do not know when to say to say when. Some goon’s imbibe in the goonery behavior too quickly and ruin it for the other well paced goon’s who only like to show their goonery after dark. And some goon’s flat out cannot be mixed in with certain non-goon’s in a social situation for fear of a goon mob starting up, which can ruin the host’s original intent of a fun, but relatively mild Sunday evening or holiday. Use your best judgement when goon’s are involved.

  2. Well said, my friend, well said…

  3. Love this. . .

    Who is the original goon?

    Also, can you do a post on top five goon foods for summer? I need me som e blogga material for my new gig. There are lotsa goons down from the tri-state area, I’m guessing. (:

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