Burger Redemption

Call me burger obsessed, but I plan my next burger weeks in advance.  It gives me time to eat lots of salads and to hit the treadmill, just knowing that on one special night, all of my burger dreams will come true.  This week, I had serious visions of my Saturday night filled with oozy cheese, juicy meat, and the perfect bun…but my burger reality was not the perfection I had envisioned.  It was actually such a disappointment that as soon as I left the table, I started plotting my burger redemption.

Redemption started with the prime meat mix (50% sirloin, 50% chuck) straight from Pam the Butcher at Wagshalls in Spring Valley.  With a light hand, the meat  was shaped into 1/2 pound patties, seasoned simply with S&P, cooked perfectly to 140 degrees and smothered in Brie.  Seriously, Brie might be the best burger topping ever.  We dressed them simply with lettuce, mayo and a little ketchup.  Sweet redemption success!

Does it get any better?

Oh yes...it does


One response to “Burger Redemption

  1. This burger with Brie looks amazing! I’m planning my next burger for 8/27/11, and am happliy dreaming about it thanks to you! 🙂
    -Your Burger Buddy

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