Top 5 Goon Eats for Summer

#1 – Corn

You would be surprised how much corn has already been consumed in our house this summer.  Our goons like to go after 2-3 ears straight up from the cob.  Just boil the corn for three minutes and slather it in seracha mayo. Redic.

#2 – Maters

The garden is busting at the seams with perfect maters this time of year. Sungolds, Cherokee Purples, Ramapos, Pineapples.  We have them on everything – bagels with cream cheese topped with a slice of mater, mater sandwiches, mater salads…You get the point.

#3 – Pizza

Can someone please tell me why pizza tastes so good when it’s so hot out?  It’s too warm for us to make our own pies, so we’ve been all over the pizzas at Vace and Sorriso.  I’m not sure if it’s the humidity, but their dough rocks right now.

#4 – Gruner

When it’s August in DC, there’s nothing like an Under Armour t-shirt, a box fan, and a cold glass of Gruner on a Friday night. Seriously. Try it.

#5 – Anything from the grill

It’s way too hot to cook in doors.  We have been gooning out on burgers, tri-tip, sirloin, chicken thighs, and fresh veggies.  Oh-so-Paleo (except for the burgers).




One response to “Top 5 Goon Eats for Summer

  1. love it. . . I miss gruner. I haven’t figured out where to get wine yet here.

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