My last meal…

Until yesterday, I never had an answer to, “what would you like have for your last meal on Earth?” Sure, pizza and cheeseburgers, waffles and fried chicken all sound nice, but there might not be anything quite as satisfying as a perfect pina colada. Before they juice me up the electrical chair, what else would taste so sweet?  It’s a boozy smoothie. It’s a meal and a cocktail. Its flavors remind me of happy times…the beach, my honeymoon, the islands, “mon.” Call me crazy, but the humble pina colada might be the solution for world peace.

When we whipped these up yesterday afternoon, I don’t think that I have ever tasted such deliciousness when it hit my lips.  It’s not just for vacations and special occasions anymore, and the goons agreed (after going up for more….again, and again, and again).  Does anyone know if Tony  at CP Liquors carries Pussers?  I’m out.


1/2 can cream of coconut (stir a bit before adding)
1/2 can crushed pineapple
5 oz good rum (I like Pussers)
3 cups ice

– Combine all ingredients in the blender and churn away. Taste and adjust ingredients as necessary. Add a little pineapple juice if you like it sweeter. Add a dark rum “floater” if you like it boozier.


Feel no pain


One response to “My last meal…

  1. Da-Lish!
    Next up,… Plantars Punches??

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