Fresh Pasta and Sunday Sugo

When I think about goonettes, Lidia Bastianich has to be on the list.  She is large, loves food and definitely tosses back a few glasses of vino.  My kind of gal!  She is never concerned about calories – in fact, a “drizzle” of olive oil could be 1-2 cups.  A “sprinkling” of cheese could be two giant handfuls.  Speaking of hands, have you seen her enormous mits?  When she does her cooking shows on PBS, I love it when they zoom in on those man hands, kneading pasta dough into submission. 

Tonight we made her fresh pasta recipe and it came out great!  We topped it with a Sunday gravy that had been simmering away all afternoon.  It’s much easier to tackle the week with a belly full of satisfying Italian comfort food.

The pasta attachment for the Kitchen Aid makes it so easy!

I'm almost in carb heaven.

Man hands?

Man hands!

I need a long nap.

Finished product


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