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We don’t mess around

In the midst of late night laughs, we joked about how much of my time is actually spent cooking for and feeding goons.  I have my very own goon husband, but many goon friends and goon family who also come to my table.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term goon…

GOON is a term of endearment.  In our home, a “goon” is anyone who loves eating, drinking, busting chops, and living life to the fullest.  For example, I watched several goons at a party last night who  each polished off at least five Philly-style subs and starchy sides, and then justified additional plates of meats  as “dessert”, not to mention the accompanying beers and wines to wash it all down.  These guys aren’t messing around.

Recipes, pics, and goony insights to follow.

With a heavy grocery bag and a full belly,


Exhibit A - GOONS!